Hidden Treasures

I finally had a free day today with no work or any other obligations to fill AND with weather that was actually warm enough to spend time outside! That never happens, so I definitely took advantage of it. In my yard there is a big red shed that’s been standing for well over 50 years. My sister and I went exploring in it today and found all kinds of goodies.

You could call our finds a “Pinterester’s Dream.” We found old windows, doors, a desk, and wooden boxes all in nearly perfect condition (minus the layers and layers of dust and dirt). My mind is currently overflowing with ideas of what to make out of everything I found! If you’ve ever searched for crafts on Pinterest, I can guarantee that you’ve come across a refurbished window project or two. So far all I’ve done is the first step of taking on this DIY project…cleaning the windows and boxes. You’ll have to stay tuned to see what I decide to make along with guidance to make your own at home!