DIY Refurbished Window

A few weeks ago I posted about finding all kinds of crafting props in my old shed (see it here). I’m so excited to share how one of my projects turned out! I searched and searched on Pinterest for ideas for a refurbished window. SO. MANY. OPTIONS. Here are a few of my inspirations:

diy window frame diy window frame

diy window frame diy window frame

Now here is how I made my own version! It was really easy, and if you find yourself an old window frame, you can make one too! (P.S. They sell window frames on Etsy, & you might even be able to find some at a local yard sale)

What you’ll need:

  • Window frame
  • Sander and/or sandpaper
  • 2 colors of spray paint
  • Crafting paint/ paintbrush
  • Vaseline
  • Chicken wire
  • Burlap
  • Twine
  • Mini clothespins
  • Glitter
  • Mod podge
  • Staple gun

Step 1. Wash it & let it dry. It looked like a whole new window just by doing this! There was so much dust! 

Step 2. Sand it & wipe off all of the dust. I used this handy gadget that I bought at Lowes. It worked really good, and it got all of the loose paint off. I’d recommend wearing a mask especially if it’s a really old window that may have lead paint on it. 


Step 2.5. Optional A). Keep the glass in the frame. Make sure to cover its entire surface before continuing on to step 3. B). Bust out the glass. I took the option B route, but I did not do it on purpose. I’m not sure what exactly I was thinking, but for some reason I thought it would be a good idea to try to take out the glass. Let’s just say that plan failed miserably. 

broken glass

Step 3. Spray paint with a base color. You won’t see very much of this color in the end, but it will serve as an accent/ pop of color. I used teal. 

layer one

Step 4. Vaseline! Spread a thin layer of Vaseline on areas where you want the base color to show through. I put it on the corners and parts of the edges of the frame as well as a few other random spots. (I found this idea on Pinterest, so for a better explanation of this process click here)

Step 5. Spray paint the frame a second color. This time I used a chocolate brown color. 

layer 2

Step 6. Repeat the Vaseline process in step 4. 

Step 7. Paint the final layer. I used regular old craft paint from Michaels which was on sale for 4 for $2. I kind of mixed two beige/white colors  together and did several layers to get the look I was going for. 

painted frame

Step 8. After the paint dries, get the sander back out. Gently sand the areas where the Vaseline was applied as well as any other area of the frame where you want your other colors to show through. This gives it an old rustic, worn look which I absolutely am in love with right now. Here is what it looked like after this process:


I forgot to take pictures of the following processes which would have been very helpful since they are the most complicated. Oops. This is my first diy post! Please forgive me!

Step 9. Measure the chicken wire to fit one of the window frames. Cut it with pliers to the appropriate size. You can keep it the original color, but I spray painted mine with the same brown I used on my frame.

Step 10. Using the staple gun, staple the chicken wire behind the frame. Make sure you pull it right so that it’s not flopping around. Once it’s staple all the way around, do the same with the burlap.

Step 11. Staple gun the twine in any pattern you’d like on the opposite window frame. I tied a knot around each staple to hide it, plus it looks cuter like that if I do say so myself! You might need someone to bravely hold the string while you staple. Make sure you don’t leave the string too loose or it will be too floppy when you clip stuff onto it.

Step 12. You can actually do this step at anytime. Click here to see how to make the glitter clothespins.

Step 13. This is the last step, I promise. (And it’s the easiest) Add pictures using your glitter clothespins!


Viola! Now you have your very own rustic-burlap-chicken wire-diy-refurbished-window frame just like all of the adorable ones on Pinterest! 

I hope that my directions aren’t too confusing! Please leave a comment if any step needs clarification! Also let me know how your own turns out! 

All I have left to do with mine is find the perfect place to display it! 



Hidden Treasures

I finally had a free day today with no work or any other obligations to fill AND with weather that was actually warm enough to spend time outside! That never happens, so I definitely took advantage of it. In my yard there is a big red shed that’s been standing for well over 50 years. My sister and I went exploring in it today and found all kinds of goodies.

You could call our finds a “Pinterester’s Dream.” We found old windows, doors, a desk, and wooden boxes all in nearly perfect condition (minus the layers and layers of dust and dirt). My mind is currently overflowing with ideas of what to make out of everything I found! If you’ve ever searched for crafts on Pinterest, I can guarantee that you’ve come across a refurbished window project or two. So far all I’ve done is the first step of taking on this DIY project…cleaning the windows and boxes. You’ll have to stay tuned to see what I decide to make along with guidance to make your own at home!